Reunion week for Skytypers

  When the GEICO Skytypers pierced through the heart-shaped smoke pattern over Virginia Beach’s Patriotic Festival Airshow, one airshow fan couldn’t have been more proud. His name is Charles Joseph O’Brien, but all the Skytypers just call him OBie. That’s because OBie was one of the original pilots, back when Mort Arken owned the team. “I flew […]

Johansen Awarded FAA’s Wright Brothers Master Pilot

Leave it to #4 Bob Johansen to think that the FAA spokesperson addressing the crowd at the Cradle of Aviation Museum last Friday in Long Island was talking about some other pilot – who happened to have logged 50 years of safe flight, and who was also a retired Navy pilot, and who also happened […]

Greatest Generation Warbirds Inspire Next Generation

How do you inspire a 17-year-old high school student who calls himself a hip-hop MC to get serious about a career in aviation? Get GEICO Skytypers mechanics to taxi WWII SNJ-2s to his classroom and let him take a look inside a cockpit unlike anything he’s ever seen before. “It’s amazing to see how the […]

GEICO Skytypers: Tweeting before Twitter was Cool

Only five years ago, a tweet was something most people thought only birds did. Today is the 5th anniversary of Twitter – the social media messaging program that taught the world how to type a message in 140 characters or less. But the GEICO Skytypers had a long head start – they’ve been typing short […]

The Tuskegee Legacy

Lt. Col Hiram Mann’s head lifts. He cocks his ear in the direction of the hangar outside the Space Coast Regional Airport in Titusville. He’s hearing the GEICO Skytypers start up the engines of their vintage WWII-era SNJ-2’s. Mann would recognize that sound anywhere – he trained on the Texan T-6 variant of it at […]