Episode 1 – You’re My Favorite Skytyper

The GEICO Skytypers are pleased to announce a new series of videos called “In-Formation”. The various videos will feature the team, their aircraft, and behind the scenes footage from air shows across the US.

Episode 2 – No Squawks

The 2nd webisode in the In-Formation Series featuring the GEICO Skytypers Maintainers and the intricacies of keeping our 70 year old aircraft in top condition. Thanks to Keith Urso, Frank Atria, Stan Routh and Greg Coons for the great work you do!!

Episode 3 – Focus

The GEICO Skytyper pilots share their thoughts on what it takes to prepare for and fly their air show demonstration. Things can get rather intense at times as they prepare for air shows.  

Episode 4 – 18 Minutes

The GEICO Skytyper pilots share the steps, planning and process for developing their air show routine and what it takes to perform the demonstration.  While the routine remains the same, the “stage” changes with each air show location presenting some interesting challenges along the way.

Episode 5 – At the Fence

Our favorite part of each air show is meeting future/current/retired aviators and air show attendees.  After each performance, the team finishes a march down and the quickly heads to the crowd line.  Shortly thereafter, we make an appearance at the GEICO tent to sign autographs and meet people.  It’s the best part of the show!

Episode 6 – A Day in the Life

Ever wondered what it would be like to be an air show performer for a day? “A Day in the Life” gives you a taste of what a typical day might be for an air show pilot. Keep in mind, there are usually 4-5 days like this for each air show and the team does 12-15 shows each year!

Episode 7 – The World’s Largest Text Messages

Ever wondered how skytyping works?  Episode 7 explains what it takes to create our giant messages in the sky and also talks about how skytyping has evolved over the years.

Episode 8 – Generations

The love for aviation is often shared from generation-to-generation.  This is definitely the case with the GEICO Skytypers.  Flight Lead and Team Boss Larry Arken carries team founder Mort Arken’s legacy forward through careful management of the team with an emphasis on showmanship and detail.  Long-standing team member Bob Johansen currently flies the slot position as his son Ken Johansen flies in the left and right wing positions and serves as the team XO.

With over 50 videos, the GEICO Skytypers YouTube Channel offers hours of viewing.  From air shows to interviews to the feature-packed In-Formation series, the GEICO Skytypers YouTube Channel has something for every aircraft fan!

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