The most popular professions in the next 10-20 years (with the highest salaries)

New technologies are changing our lives beyond recognition. Today's life is very different from what we all lived 10-20 years ago.And what awaits us and our children/grandchildren in 10-20 years?What kind will professions be the most popular (and most highly paid)? This is exactly what we will talk about in this article.Today's technologies have provided us with amazing opportunities to earn a lot of money quickly.But only a few decided to take advantage of them and started to collect money from you, the taxpayer, in order to keep their cool. Here are the professions that will have the highest salaries in the next 10-20 years (and even in the entire history of the country):1) Teacher. Ten years ago, teaching was a piece of cake. Now it is a full-time job with a very modest salary (but high demand, because people watch their favorite TV shows and go to the gym).Don't let the fact that you will be teaching your child's class turn you off-the profession has a lot of interesting things for you, the student.You can learn new things, learn professionally, or learn how to do something with your own hands (in your spare time).2) Photographer. These days, the most important thing in the photo business is not the price tag, but the prestige of the work (especially in snapchat).Today, the most important thing is not the resolution of the finished product, but the attention to detail of the client).Always keep your professionalism high, don't take orders from clients, etc.Always keep your professionalism high, don't take orders from bosses. otherwise, you will be destroyed by colleagues).3) Chef. These days, a trip to the kitchen is much more important than a high-quality dish.Today, the work of a kitchen chef is not just about making a delicious meal, it is also about the ability to control the parameters of the process (both the amount of heat and the accuracy of measurements taken).Today, the work of a kitchen chef is not just about making moussaka, it is also about being able to control the size of the pie, the temperature of the oven, and so on.4) Fitness Trainer. Today, it is not enough just to want to improve your health. Today, you need to be fit, healthy, and able to handle any task.In this case, a trip to the gym is not a hindrance, but a guarantee of a great result.Don't be shy — tell us, how often do you exercise, how many steps you take every day, what nutrition you consume, and what exercises you undertake — all these parameters affect your body's response to exercise.5) Locker Room Surgeon. Today, the work of a room (or even a room)