#3 Mark “Gooch” Gannucci
Alternate Left Wing Pilot

At the young age of five, Mark knew he wanted to become a Navy Fighter Pilot. His father, a pilot, taught him about flying and Mark dreamed of piloting vintage warbird aircraft and performing at airshows.

Mark earned his pilot’s license on his 17th birthday and graduated from Embry-Riddle-Aeronautical-University with honors. Mark was selected for Navy Flight training and began training in Pensacola, FL in September 1988. After earning his Wings of Gold, Mark was selected to fly the F-14 Tomcat and served in Bosnia on the USS Saratoga.

Today, Mark serves as a volunteer pilot at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach and flies several vintage aircraft including the very first U.S. naval aircraft – the Curtiss Pusher. Mark is a captain at a major airline and enjoys life in Virginia Beach with his wife Karen and daughter Connor.

As a Skytyper, Mark continues his childhood dream of piloting vintage WWII aircraft with the same precise, dynamic formations that the military demands of its aviators.